Debt And Equity Capital for Commercial Real Estate

Our placement process is critical for your success

Infinite Capital’s primary focus is in identifying client financing goals and securing the optimum financing to meet their objectives. At every stage of the real estate investment cycle -- from construction to long-term permanent financing, acquisition to refinance -- we arrange comprehensive capital solutions based on these goals. We advise clients on the financial structure best suited for their properties within the context of local markets, while taking into account their capital needs and tax objectives. We take pride in advising our clients and performing virtually every service function for every property type.

The key to obtaining the best debt available is to match your financing needs with product features. Our competitive advantage is that we put our clients through a thorough financial assessment prior to solicitation of quotes. We also believe in the competitive process of having multiple lenders review your loan proposal in order to leverage our firm’s production volume. Our process yields better loan proposals (rate + terms), a higher rate of loan commitments, and better fit between financing terms and client needs.

The features and benefits between different sources of capital vary widely. Despite the low cost capital available in the marketplace today, we believe the single most important factor in obtaining financing is to also make sure that the product features are appropriate for our clients needs. It does not make sense to place clients into low-cost loan products if the loan terms aren’t appropriate for their needs.

Benefit: Low cost capital

  • Fixed + floating rates
  • Up to 30 yr amort
  • Interest Only
  • No reserves/impounds

Benefit: Flexible loan terms

  • Step-down prepay
  • No prepay penalty
  • Loan assumability
  • Secondary finance
  • Mezzanine finance

Benefit:Customized loan structures

  • Non- or partial-recourse
  • Low cost originations
  • Capped cost origination
  • Rate locks at commitment
  • Forward rate locks

Infinite Capital sources and manages single property and portfolio acquisitions to produce quality returns across virtually all commercial real estate asset classes using several forms of equity investment:

Preferred Equity Investments: Infinite Capital’s capital strength and expertise in local markets provides the capacity to source preferred equity for use in acquisitions by its clients. Preferred equity activity is focused on repositioning acquisitions and projects capable to generating leveraged returns in excess of 15%. A great deal of time is spent understanding the risk return profile of a proposed investment since not all assets are candidates for preferred equity investment.

Venture Investments: Creates partnerships and joint ventures with real estate developers, owners and operators. The objective is to develop profitable opportunities for partners in the marketplace. Co-investments between partners use shared capital and equity structures to develop, buy, reposition and manage assets across most commercial real estate sectors.