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Infinite Capital Real Estate Investment Company LLC is a company dedicated to representing borrowers in originating debt and equity that meets their goals and objectives. Our company is named after the result of dividing by zero in the simple formula of cash on cash return. Cash flow and no borrower equity in an income producing property with non-recourse debt creates the resulting quotient of infinity or infinite capital.

Infinite Capital LLC intentionally has no servicing platform or exclusive correspondents as these are revenue generating sources for our competitors and having been in the industry for 20 years and worked for other firms your loan does not necessarily get the attention it deserves due to pressure to maintain the exclusive relationship or servicing revenue.

How can a mortgage banking firm represent you and the lender at the same time effectively?

Through our relationships with our competitors and their correspondents, we can ensure that your loan is being seen by all capital sources available in the marketplace and our platform encourages shared origination fees to obtain this result. We also make sure that all open lenders see the business to ensure that the loan is fairly represented in the marketplace. We truly are fiduciary in all that we do as we represent borrowers only.

Infinite Capital LLC is purposely small and we only work with a select group of borrowers to provide the highest level of service. Its principal, Andrew C. Burgess, is involved in every facet of the transaction from origination to closing.

This consistent one point of contact insures nothing is missed, every piece of the deal is reviewed, and the level of service is the best in the industry.

We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best. Our founder, Andrew C. Burgess’ philosophy of working for the borrower is unique as lenders come and go but we will be here. Your relationship should be with a mortgage banker to source the best capital for your unique situation and needs.